Corporate Responsibility

The OYAB Promise

OYAB would be a mere figment of our imaginations if it were not for the loyalty of the customers and supporters who proudly wear and exemplify the mission of being “Obviously Young and Brilliant”.  We recognize our responsibility to go past “the brand” and actively maintain awareness of not only our carbon footprint and social impact, but also that of our supply chain.  Providing quality products to our customers will never be done so through harm and therefore OYAB is committed to carefully vetting our suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing and a code of conduct that speaks to high environmental, social, and economic standards.

Environmental Responsibility


Our team works hard to not only recycle, but also to use recycled products in our back office processes when available in all phases of our business from concept to completion. 


We are proud to have minimized business travel by using teleconference and video conferencing whenever possible.

Hazardous Materials

As a company, we’ve taken a stand and prohibited the use of any Styrofoam shipping materials.  While we want to ensure that each piece of material we ship arrives safe and sound, we are committed to always revisiting out internal processes to ensure that we are minimizing harm to our environment. 

Social Responsibility

Giving Back

Giving back to our communities & schools is at the forefront of our existence  and we look forward to partnering with you. 


Sustaining our future takes hard work, dedication,  and a deeper commitment to helping push our newest generation in the right direction.  Stay tuned for details on how OYAB can partner with your school, church, scout troop, & youth groups as we continue to spread awareness and strengthen our children from the inside out.    

Our Suppliers

Careful Selection

While there are a variety of reasons that help in the decision making process when partnering with new suppliers, one of our driving factors stems from a supplier’s own commitment to overall sustainability.  We maintain a careful selection process because we realize that an amazing product at a great price means nothing if one’s safety, health, or community is being compromised.  

Join Our Supplier Team

We are often in search of new partnerships as we continually grow the OYAB brand.  If you are interested in doing business with OYAB, Inc., as a supplier or partner, we invite you to view our section on Supplier Inclusion for further instructions on how you can begin this process.