The Life Behind OYAB

Obviously Young and Brilliant (OYAB) is a brand sparked by a movement to help people realize their inner brilliance.  This is all made possible by our countless supporters, customers, and our core team.

Narvell Benning

Founder & President

Narvell Benning was born in Buffalo, NY during a time where neighborhood and family structure played an integral role in shaping him to be the man he is today. Coming from a family whose core values are synonymous with perseverance, integrity, and success, he implemented these values into the sports world where he took a liking to basketball. By playing organized sports, he had a way to show his competitive side and through this thirst to win, he did what it took to do just that.

After playing on a collegiate level he graduated from Post University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He moved back to the Buffalo area following graduation in search of employment, and began working in the fast paced financial market before becoming self-employed a few years later.  His goal was to create a company that gives the world a reason to love who they are, love the person next to them, and to know about a brand that was made for everyone to wear.

Blaine Arthur

Vice President

It was after being recruited to play basketball in 1998 at Teikyo Post University in Connecticut that Blaine and Narvell met and formed a friendship. After moving back to New York City in 2010 to become the manager of the Social Service programs at Bed-Stuy Restoration, he came across a certain photo on Facebook that intrigued him. It was during that time that Narvell and Blaine began to discuss becoming partners in the OYAB movement and began to work on developing the brand of Obviously Young and Brilliant. After many inspiring conversations about the need for positivity to take over the headlines, as opposed to the images of hate, war, and bigotry they realized that there was a need for us.  Conceptualized in 2009 and physically presented to the world in 2011, they launched their first blog posting and from that point the rest was history.

Jason Stemo

Visual Designer

Jason Stemo is a professional Artist and Graphic Designer currently residing in New York City where his artwork is inspired by the world around, behind, and in front of him.  Through pencil drawing and graphic design, Jason has drawn and created many portraits, logos, CD covers, flyers, tattoos, creative business plans, and more for numerous individuals and organizations.  His specialty is drawing portraits with pencil, while using his unique style of blending to bring the portrait to life.

Building on his passion for graphic design, he has expanded his artistry and creativity within the realm of art and design.  He first saw the vision to create OYAB, founded by Narvell Benning in 2009, and continues to create different designs for the company in order to spread a message of brilliance to the world.

Roz Jackson

Visual Designer

Roz-Kareem has been involved with mind changing ideas that sell with serious work that dates back from his pre-school days in which he wanted to be an artist. The Eastside of Buffalo, NY was the starting point in which he became known as an Airbrush Artist and for his graphic art, apparel designs, billboard ads, and more – expressing moments, using all the color in the world to allow eyes to eat.

The most important part of the design is to make people understand they need it instead of wanting it. – Roz Jackson