The Birth of OYAB

The Birth Of Obviously Young and Brilliant®

From concept to creation, Obviously Young and Brilliant ® (OYAB) continues to push the limits to spread a lifestyle of excellence. It was during the Taste of Chicago in the summer of 2009 that Narvell Benning and friends came up with the idea of creating t-shirts to spread a friendly, yet competitive message. It wasn’t until he sat down to brainstorm, that this initial idea blossomed into something much more powerful and at 3:45am on July 20, 2009, Obviously Young and Brilliant became a reality. From that point on, he began stirring up curiosity by adding the hashtag #OYAB to social media, sprinkling it among comments and posts. This small buzz had the social media world wondering, “What is OYAB?” On January 31st, 2012, the first set of t-shirts were released and even in their infancy, sold out in only two hours. Word was beginning to spread about the meaning behind OYAB and people knew he was onto something special. OYAB is a brand for all people! It is not defined by age, race, gender, beliefs, or background; but rather demonstrates that brilliance exists in everyone. Therefore, the goal was to provide a product that reflects this movement with a constant reminder to be brilliant in all you do.

“OYAB starts from inception. Just as mother’s and fathers read to their unborn child in the womb, they can be told that they are ‘Obviously Young and Brilliant’. The more you hear it, the more you will believe it” – Narvell Benning, Founder

OYAB loves to show the brilliance of others in the world via photos, videos, and positive contributions to their own lives and the lives of others. It is beyond rewarding to be able to add OYAB to so many cultures of people, and to see the smiles that they have when wearing it! This give the OYAB team extra motivation seeing that the world can indeed be unified and unthreatened by the face of the person who is wearing an OYAB t-shirt. Brilliance has no color, it starts in your brain, and any invention that started in this world has come from an idea that was OYAB.