Introducing “The Kid With The Golden Shovel”

Though he is now thirteen years-old, at the time of the picture he was around seven years-old. This is a real-life book for kids, and it comes from a real genuine place. A picture speaks loudly, but if you want to hear what it has to say just study it. It took me a while to figure out what I was going to write about. I studied the picture while trying to get an idea on the direction, but so many thoughts came to mind.

One day, I thought about my childhood and the places where I have played growing up. One of those places was Adams Street in Buffalo, New York, and it was the perfect start to an amazing journey. On Adams, it felt as if the entire street was family. The story starts right there, and even some of the pictures featured inside of the book came from this neighborhood. You will enjoy reading it to your children, as much as they will enjoy reading it themselves. They will adapt and relate to the characters within the story as the book takes their minds all over the world. Reading to your kids allows them to travel the world mentally. I asked my son the other day, “Do you even remember standing like this?” He said, “No dad, but I remember the Golden Shovel.” That’s all it took for me to smile.

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